Dream team is like a family.

Our team is at your disposal. Do you already have a project? Do you need professionals to help you make it? At Dream filming we have the best ones. Take a look and choose the one that best suits your project! In Dream Filming we take care of all the procedures, so you only have to worry about choosing your team and creating.


The origin of any audiovisual project is in your hands, and Dream filming has the best hands!


We invite you to meet our management team


Our directors devote themselves with total dedication to each project, from pre-production to the final result obtained.

Director assistants

True specialists in developing shooting plans and making them happen, leave the hardest work of the shoot in the hands of the best professionals!


Delegate the raccord and scene times to the true professionals, our scripts will control that everything runs its course and avoid those annoying failures.

Production team

The bases of all filming are supported by a great production team, we invite you to meet the future pillars of your project.

Film photography team

His canvas is the camera and his paintings the light.


Do you want a unique project? Any of our cinematographers will know how to give you the perfect approach.

Camera team

Operadores, foquistas, auxiliares, maquinistas. Aquí encontrarás todos los profesionales de cámara que necesites para tu proyecto.

Lighting team

And there was light! But not without a great lighting team behind it.


Filmings are really costly, don’t let all that outlay to break down because of a bad transfer and contact any of our dits to assure your project.

Art department

The MacGyver of all filming, are capable of designing from small dare tools, to large functional structures, always adapting to the needs of production.

Makeup and hairdressing

The best option if you want to get the most out of your actors. Our makeup and hairdressing experts can perform from simple touch-ups to complex characterizations. You just have to ask them what you need

Sound working team

Serán tus oídos durante toda la producción. Nuestros técnicos son capaces de captar el sonido más limpio que jamás se haya podido imaginar, contar con ellos, es asegurar la perfección auditiva.


Do you need a professional photograph? This is your place, we invite you to meet the best photographers, who will capture that exact moment you are looking for!


As creative as they are skillful, our designers are capable of giving an image to any idea, just let us know!

Editing and postproduction

If you thought that once filming was over, it was all over, you are very wrong. Now the project is in the hands of our editing and post-production professionals, who will be in charge of achieving the perfect final result.